While streaming on Netflix, buffering refers to a situation where the played video takes longer than its playback speed to load completely. You may notice that the video is stuck at a certain point and fails to load no matter how many times you hit the play button. Sometimes, it may indicate an issue with your internet connection that results in speed slowdowns. If you are experiencing such issues, then we recommend you read this article till the end to find out all the possible solutions to buffering issues.

6 Ways to Fix Buffering on Netflix

We have shortlisted the best 6 ways to resolve your buffering issues on Netflix:

Reboot Your Router or Modem

To fix your buffering issues, the first step is to see if your router or modem is performing well or not. While it can be tricky for non-tech savvy people to assess the performance of their equipment, it is always a good idea to restart the router or modem. This way, you can clear the cache stored on your router, which will instantly improve the quality of your streaming on Netflix.

All you need to do is, press the power button on your router and unplug it from the power outlet. Wait for at least 1-2 minutes and then, plug it back into the power outlet. Switch on your router or modem and wait for it to start. After restarting, stream a video on Netflix to see if it is loading without buffering issues or not.

Sign Up for a TV Plan

Since it can be challenging for some users to keep up with the latest updates and resolve issues associated with the Netflix app, it is better to sign up for a TV plan. With Cox Contour TV, you will get access to more than 140 channels. In addition, it allows its users to use the Contour app to stream videos while on the go! This way, you can avoid buffering issues, which are commonly found in popular streaming services.

Relocate Your Router

The location and position of your router are more important than you may believe them to be. While routers have the capacity to transmit signals in every room of your house, those signals may fail to reach your device if the router is placed incorrectly. This results in delayed responses and buffering issues while streaming on Netflix.

If your router is placed inside a room, consider placing it in the living room to allow signals to transmit evenly across the house. You should avoid putting your router inside a drawer or on a bookshelf as it can hinder the signals from flowing through the airwaves.

Your router’s position can impact its signal strength. To cover a single-story home, place your router horizontally so that its antennas can emit signals that will reach all the devices within the designated area. However, if you wish to cover a double-story home, then you should place it between the two floors so that its antennas cover the two floors without any hassle.

Switch to a Lower Video Quality

Your chosen video quality can impact your streaming experience. If your internet is not working well, yet you are trying to stream in HD or UHD, then there is a chance that you will experience buffering issues. Netflix comes with the option to choose a video resolution, depending on your internet connection. Therefore, to avoid such problems, switch to a lower resolution, like 720p.

Reinstall Your Netflix App

Sometimes, you may encounter buffering issues if your Netflix app’s installation is corrupt. This can mess with your server’s performance because of compatibility issues. In such situations, your best bet is to reinstall the app to minimize the risk of buffering while streaming videos. Go to your device’s Settings to view Netflix App info. Depending on the type of device you are using, click or tap the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons. Then, click or tap the Uninstall button and wait for 1-2 minutes. Once your Netflix app uninstalls completely, restart your device before reinstalling the app on your device.

Switch to Another Internet Plan

Instead of finding ways to fix your buffering issues on the Netflix app, you should consider subscribing to an internet plan that provides seamless connectivity. Cox bundles offer speeds up to 1 Gbps with access to a variety of channels. This way, you can stream any movie or TV show without compromising its video quality. So, if you are lucky enough to find Cox internet plans in your local area, then you need to find a suitable bundle offer at your earliest!

The Bottom Line

While it can be frustrating to stream a movie and wait for it to load completely, you can follow our abovementioned solutions to fix your buffering issues. However, if these options do not work out, then the best way to reduce the risk of buffering issues is to get a stable internet connection that fits your streaming requirements. Next, look for an internet plan that offers speeds that are fast enough to stream movies and TV shows instantly.




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